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Custom Design - GE Microwave JVM3162DJ3WW

Tactile Icon Map

HALOS Tactile Icon Text Description

Microwave Oven Controls for GE Model JVM3162DJ3WW

This document is a description of the tactile icons used for your appliance. Each button on the control panel is represented by a tactile icon.

The control panel has 7 rows. Starting with the top row, each row of tactile icons will be described from left to right.

Top row.

  1. Popcorn – the shape is curvy and bulbous, like a popcorn kernel.

  2. Beverage – the shape is like a tea cup, wider at the top with an indent in the top middle, narrower at the bottom and a little bump on the right side representing the handle.

  3. Potato – the shape is a wide oval with a rough top, like a baked potato.

Row 2.

  1. Reheat – the shape is a line with a downward curve at the right end, like something coming back around.

  2. Defrost – the shape is like a water droplet, pointy on the top and circular on the bottom.

  3. Cook time – the shape is wide at the top, narrow in the middle and wide on the bottom, like an hourglass. There is an indent on the top edge to represent a degree symbol and to distinguish this from the kitchen timer button.

Row 3.

  1. Numbers 1,2,3 – the shapes are circles

  2. Timer on/off – the shape is wide at the top, narrow in the middle and wide on the bottom, like an hourglass.

Row 4.

  1. Numbers 4,5,6 – the shapes are circles. The 5 is a thicker circle.

  2. Turntable – the shape is a horizontal line, like a plate, with a knob on the bottom center.

Row 5.

  1. Numbers 7,8,9 – the shapes are circles.

  2. Surface Light – the shape is like a traditional light bulb, a circle at the top with a thick rounded vertical line at the bottom.

Row 6.

  1. Power Level – the shape is a stairstep increasing to the right, representing increasing levels

  2. Number 0 – the shape is a circle.

  3. Set Clock – the shape is a circle with a wedge cutout in the upper right, representing a clock face.

  4. Vent Fan – the shape has three equally spaced blades extending out from a center point, like a rotating fan.

Row 7.

  1. Cancel – the shape is an X.

  2. Start – the shape is a right pointing triangle.

  3. Add 30 Seconds – the shape is a plus or cross symbol, a vertical line intersecting a horizontal line.

End of Microwave Description


Designer Comments

  • This is a common microwave feature set. GE likes to use this set but move the buttons around. This layout is for a 2021 microwave and I think it is fairly logical.

  • This is the third iteration of the beverage tactile icon. It is OK. The dip in the top is the most distinguishing feature. The original icon was a square mug with a handle but the shape was too generic.

  • The vent icon is visually nice though not sure it is a good tactile feel. Needs more testing.

  • Cook time vs. timer on/off. The timer shape is a solid tactile icon and is one of the originals. The notch on the top of the cook time is supposed to distinguish it from the timer. I like it because it represents a degree symbol for temperature. I am open to other ideas.

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