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Custom Design - Bosch Microwave HMD8451UC

This is an under-the-counter microwave and an excellent candidate for non-visual operation.

Tactile Icon Map

HALOS® Text Description of Tactile Icons

Bosch Microwave Model HMD8451UC

This document is a text-only description of the tactile icons used for your appliance. Each button on the control panel is represented by a tactile icon.

The microwave control panel is divided into two parts – left and right.

The left side has two rows.

The top row from left to right

  1. Panel Lock – the shape is a key - a horizontal line, rounded on the left and pointy on the right with a rough edge on the bottom.

  2. Sensor Reheat - the shape is a line with a downward curve at the right end, like something coming back around.

  3. Popcorn - the shape is curvy and bulbous, like a popcorn kernel.

  4. Keep Warm – the shape is a horizontal wavy line.

  5. Open – two vertical shapes with a gap in-between.

Bottom row from left to right

  1. Settings – the shape is a check-mark, a short and a long diagonal lines meeting at the bottom.

  2. Sensor Cook – the shape is a horizontal line with ridges on the top and bottom.

  3. Defrost – the shape is a water droplet – pointy at the top and rounded at the bottom.

  4. More – the shape is composed of two diagonal lines connected on the right side, like an arrow pointing to the right.

  5. Close – a single shape composed of two vertical shapes connected with a thick horizonal line.

The right side has two rows

The top row from left to right

  1. Start – the shape is a right pointing triangle.

  2. Numbers 1,2,3,4,5 – the shapes are circles, the middle number, 3, should use the domed circle in the keypad package.

  3. Timer/Clock - the shape is an hourglass, wide at the top, narrow in the middle and wide at the bottom.

The bottom row from left to right

  1. Stop/Clear – the shape is an X.

  2. Numbers 6,7,8,9,0 – the shapes are circles.

  3. Power Level – the shape is a stairstep increasing to the right, representing increasing levels

End of description.


Designer Comments

  • Panel Lock - Previously I used a padlock icon but the shape was too detailed. A key is more recognizable.

  • Open. The open/close icons are good but not happy the open icon is two pieces. Too difficult to position the stickers correctly.

  • Settings. Anyone have a better description of a checkmark?

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