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HALOS - Home Appliance Label and Overlay System.

Home Package-Cleaning Tactile Icon Description.

Heavy Load - the shape is a bin that is full.
Normal Load - the shape is a bin that is half full.
Light Load - the shape is a bin that is empty.
Temperature - the shape is a vertical line with a circle on the bottom representing a thermometer.
Hot - a shape representing a flame, two points at the top and curved at the bottom.
Medium - a curvy horizontal shape, high on the right, low on the left, representing something in the middle.
Cold - a snowflake, a round pointy shape.
Auto/Smart - a five point star.
Rinse - the shape is rough on the bottom and curved on the top, the middle top has a bump. It may or may not represent a shower head.
Spin - the shape is an arc, thicker on the top and thinner on the bottom. It represents a swirl or spin.


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